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Due to growing demand we have established our engineering department, All Axis Precision Plastics Engineering, with an independent website. Please visit us at

As part of the ICL Plastics Group, we strive to provide innovative and high performing polymer solutions for our customers needs. No matter the project, from initial development through to a finished product, our professionalism, expertise, and quality of work will surpass all expectations.

Our expertise in plastics and history of working with the energy industry make us the perfect choice for all your engineered plastics components - from control housings to ROV components.

We also offer assistance with design and development and have worked with some of the largest names in the business to bring their products and ideas to market.


I-TECH Subsea Bullseyes are available globally through our distributors.

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I-TECH Subsea Bullseyes are manufactured in the UK and exported globally.
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