Stock Sizes and Measurement Ranges

I-TECH manufacture a range of Bullseyes to meet the requirements of common subsea applications, the standard range is available in three diameter sizes with different incline measurement ranges, see below (or download the information sheet here):

Part No. Diameter (D1) Dome Diameter (D2) Overall Height (H1) Height to Shoulder (H2) Measurement Range Weight
ITECH/CVSI/350/15 350.0mm 313.4mm 102.5mm 87.5mm 0-15° 10.6kg
ITECH/CVSI/350/10 350.0mm 313.4mm 92.5mm 77.5mm 0-10° 8.5kg
ITECH/CVSI/350/7 350.0mm 313.4mm 83.0mm 68.0mm 0-7° 8.0kg
ITECH/CVSI/350/6 350.0mm 313.4mm 83.0mm 68.0mm 0-6° 8.0kg
ITECH/CVSI/350/5 350.0mm 313.4mm 83.0mm 68.0mm 0-5° 8.0kg
ITECH/CVSI/350/2 350.0mm 313.4mm 83.0mm 68.0mm 0-2° 8.0kg
ITECH/CVSI/250/7 250.0mm 213.4mm 83.0mm 68.0mm 0-7° 4.0kg
ITECH/CVSI/250/5 250.0mm 213.4mm 83.0mm 68.0mm 0-5° 4.0kg
ITECH/CVSI/250/2 250.0mm 213.4mm 83.0mm 68.0mm 0-2° 4.0kg
ITECH/CVSI/150/5 150.0mm N/A 60.5mm 60.5mm 0-5° 1.2kg
ITECH/CVSI/100/7 100.0mm N/A 48.5mm 48.5mm 0-7° 0.5kg

If your requirements are not met by our standard bullseye range please see Bespoke Design.


I-TECH Subsea Bullseyes are available globally through our distributors.

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