I-TECH Subsea Bullseyes / Slope Indicators

The I-TECH Clearview™ Subsea Bullseye provides an accurate, cost effective solution for monitoring inclination subsea. Bullseyes are available in a variety of sizes and angle tolerances to suit your requirements.

When calibrated to a subsea structure the bullseye gives a true reading of inclination to an accuracy of ±0.25˚. The highly visible reading area allows bullseye readings to be easily taken by divers, ROV's or static subsea camera systems. A unique domed viewing area reduces silt build up, minimising the need for cleaning / maintenance and the all-polymer design is strong, lightweight and will not degrade in salt water. Units are type tested to a depth of over 6000m (20,000ft) ensuring functionality for deep-water applications.

The innovative range of Clearview Mounting Systems provide an easy and secure means of calibrating and fixing the bullseye to any structure.

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I-TECH Subsea Bullseyes are manufactured in the UK and exported globally.
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